everyday cafe range

The demand for grab-and-go food lines is on the rise

with smart retailers capitalising on this

ever-growing need by offering quality products for

time-poor consumers.


One Australian-owned company who has responded to this is Lunchbox Solutions, with their cafe inspired range of individually packaged sandwiches, wraps, croissants, rolls and toasties branded Everyday Cafe.


This boutique sandwich company has developed a system to freeze their products without losing freshness so they can be available in all metropolitan and regional areas throughout Australia. This also helps retailers minimise wastage 

and achieve maximum sales as they will have

back up stock in the freezer.


More and more retailers are moving away from making sandwich products in-house to save them time, reduce labour costs and to provide a consistent  and food safe product.

Mixed Sandwiches
Carton of Mixed Sandwiches:

Ham, Cheese & Pickle
Chicken, Cheese & Mayonnaise
Roast Beef, Cheese & Relish

Thawed Shelf Life: 3 days

Code: 1215
Mixed Wraps
12 mixed wraps per carton

Caesar Wrap
Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap
Chicken & Sundried Tomato Pesto Wrap

Thawed Shelf Life: 3 days

Code: 1218
Ham & Cheese Croissant
12 x 122g per carton

Thawed Shelf Life: 3 days

Code: 1220
Basil Pesto Chicken Turkish
10 x 220g per carton

Thawed Shelf Life: 3 days

Code: 1219
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