Classic 13mm

Noted for its traditional potato flavour, texture and versatility. 13x13mm cut chips are great for a range of classic dishes like Fish and Chips or even the humble chips and gravy.

Carton = 15kg (4x3.8kg)
Servings = 150x100g
Choice 13mm

The ultimate in no cholesterol, tri storage chips. Only Tasmanian potato used. 13x13mm cut offering great natural potato flavour. Perfect for outlets wanting to offer a more nutritious chip.

Carton = 15kg (4x3.8kg)
Servings = 150 x 100g
Shoestring 7mm

Long, thin 7x7mm cut for the fastest cook time, highest yield and extra crispness. Only Tasmanian potato used, Par-fried in canola oil maximizes the benefits to your customers.

Carton = 12kg (4x3kg)
Servings = 120x100g
Supa Crunch Ultra Fast Chips

Only Tasmanian potato used. 10x10mm cut encased in our unique Supa Crunch coating that offers incredible taste, crunch and holding time. Canola par-fried.

Carton = 12kg (6x2kg)
Servings = 120x100g
Beer Battered Steakhouse

10mm x 19mm premium chips coated in a prominent beer batter and cut in a traditional, chunky steakhouse form.

Carton = 12kg (6x2kg)
Servings = 120x100g
Spicy Battered Wedges

Edgell’s original and most popular wedge, premium potato lightly seasoned with spices including paprika and garlic all encased to prevent oil contamination.

Carton = 12kg (6x2kg)
Servings = 120x100g
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