Straight Cut 13mm

Offering a good surface area which lowers oil absorption when frying, McCAIN Straight Cut Fries feature a uniform size and appearance that's perfect for plating or to hold in the bain marie. Suitable for all catering requirements.

Fast Fry Straight Cut 10mm

3 x 5kg
Freeze Chill 13mm Straight Cut

The only frozen chip you can store in the fridge - store for up to 7 days at 0 to 4°C. Featuring a consistent appearance and cut size. Ideal for operators with limited freezer space.

6 x 2.5kg
Seasoned Wedges

Featuring exceptional flavour and plate coverage, McCAIN Seasoned Wedges boast one of Australia's favourite wedge flavours and are ideal for broadening menu options and improving profits. Serve by themselves or plated with other menu items.

6 x 2kg
Sweet Potato Wedges

These sweet potato wedges are loaded with naturally sweet flavour and have ridges for a delightfully crispy bite.

6 x 1.13kg
Sweet Potato Fries

6 x 1.13kg
Hash Brown Ovals

McCAIN Hash Brown Ovals boast Australia's favourite hash brown shape and a fabulous flavour and appearance. They're ideal for takeaway and food court service. Approximately 30 ovals per inner.

Hash Brown Nuggets

Bite-sized nuggets offering fabulous flavour and texture, providing excellent portion control. Ideal for 'meal deals' and the perfect potato finger food for children's menus. Approximately 200 portions per inner.

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