Satay Sauce 2.05kg
Sakims Asian Sauces have been awarded "Best Asian Sauce Brand" in Australia by a ChefPanel survey of 600 Independent Chefs (2016).
Satay Sauce 2.7kg


Tangy sweet and slightly spicy with a creamy coconut and peanut profile that has a smooth versatile application as is, or with the addition of cream or coconut cream.

This flavoursome and light sauce is perfect as a dipping sauce for a variety of finger foods or simply use in cooking
Satay Sauce 2.85kg


Why won’t you ‘satay’, just a little bit longer! No matter how you dice, or splice it, ZoOSh Satay Sauce, is a real stayer. A crafty combination of Bega Peanut Butter, tomatoes and exotic spices, it’s the unique peanut pleaser that’ll really curry flavour.
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