Masterfoods Mayonnaise 2.6kg
Masterfoods Homestyle Mayonnaise

Also available in 21kg buckets
ETA Mayonnaise 3.5kg
ETA Mayonnaise EzyGrip

A delicious mayonnaise with full body and a distinct tangy flavour. An excellent base for creating signature dressings and dips.
Kraft Premium Mayonnaise
Hellmans Real Mayonnaise 2.4kg
Mayonnaise Portions
Tartare Sauce 2.4kg ZoOSh
Give fish ‘n’ chips the love they deserve with ZoOSh Tartare Sauce. Anchored by a creamy mayonnaise base, the diced gherkins and minced capers add a jaunty sauciness and levity that evokes the freshness of summer beachside escapades and strolls along the pier.
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